Designer lamp De Grass made

of decorative African pumpkin.

The process of making a lamp.

Designer lamp De Grass from a pumpkin

“The Mystery of the Forest”

The lamp “The Mystery of the Forest”, like all my works, is unique.

It is unique in form, in processing method, the pattern. There won’t be any other copy of such a work.

I never repeat the composition. Firstly, it is not interesting to me, and secondly, it is absolutely impossible, because each fruit is unique and the composition is born from its shape.

The picture of this lamp consists of different episodes, which are woven into a single composition.

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Designer lamp De Grass

from a pumpkin “Orange Wind”

The Orange Wind is a lamp with carved lines that slide along the graceful surface of the fruit, repeating its beautiful and slender curves.

There are thousands of tiny holes and golden light streaming from them. The eye cannot stop because one composition continues the other. This is a man’s lamp. It was designed like that, it was made like that.

I called it the Orange Wind. And this is not by chance. Composite lines flow through the fruit and  wrap around the lamp in its slender forms like the wind, and the turned figure glows orange, sunny color. This is an interesting fact! All pumpkins glow with warm orange light, although their interior side is just of a light beige colour.

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The Designer lamp De Grass

from a natural decorative pumpkin “Rowan Night”

Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin “Rowan Night”.

This lamp is the embodiment of tenderness.
A thin, exquisite pattern fuses the fruit, twists at the neck and collects all the strings in one bundle.

Each part has its own picture.
All shares are united by a gold placer.

There are tens of thousands of millimeter holes. And it creates an amazing golden luster.
In combination with a half-cut bark that glows with soft light, it gives the feeling of a fairy tale. It’s like you opened a treasure chest. Along each element of the composition there is an iridescent thread of the finest holes, which creates a feeling of golden luster.

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The Designer lamp De Grass

from a natural decorative pumpkin

“Turkish pomegranate”

Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin “Turkish pomegranate”.

Turkish pomegranate is a big lamp from an African pumpkin. It has the shape of a slightly flattened ball and a small flirtatious slope.

I got a great pleasure working with that! The fruit is surprisingly tight, but it can be cut very easily. Quite thick and dense shell of pumpkin gives the flow of the artist’s imagination and allows you to make half-cut patterns and ornaments. In combination with thousands of holes it turns out to be an incredibly beautiful golden glow.

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The Designer lamp De Grass

from a natural decorative pumpkin

“Arab Night”

Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin “Arab Night”.

I do love this pumpkin shape for its grace and the ability to embody fabulous, magical patterns.
The lamp “Arab Night” is decorated with stones, flatbacks, inserts of colored glass.The pattern is not repeated. In combination with a ghostly, light glow, which is created not through a cut pattern, bright golden glimpses make the lamp enigmatic.

The lamp is finished by hand made transparent stone, through which a soft golden light goes from inside. Altogether it creates an absolutely amazing and mysterious image that magically influences on a person. It calms and pacifies.

The lamp had been created during 3.5 months. It has tens of thousands of small holes. The lamp stands on a specially made wooden stand.

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The Designer lamp De Grass

from a natural decorative pumpkin

“Light flirtation”

Lamp from a natural decorative pumpkin «Light flirtation”

Light flirting is a table pumpkin lamp. The unusual shape of this pumpkin wakes up memories about light flirting.

A little humor and imagination and you will smile, looking at it. Curved lines emphasize the grace of this girl. And securely hide the lighting wire. The stone from which this lamp grows is man-made.

Polymer clay was used. As a result, a completely unique table lamp made of pumpkin – a gourd.

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The Designer lamp De Grass made of decorative African pumpkin.

Now I work with such sorts of pumpkins.
This is a big, beautiful fruit. The work includes only fruit which were dried for 6-8 months.

Decorative pumpkin is an unusually beautiful plant! It loves the sun, watering and proper nourishment. Lianes of pumpkin may reach 15 meters.

This way I grow decorative pumpkins in my garden.
I do love the whole process of forming lamps, from germination of seeds to the lamp creation.

Below you can see the whole process of lamp creation.

The process of a lamp creation from an African pumpkin begins with careful cultivation. In our region, a decorative pumpkin, especially African one, will not have time to ripen in the open ground .
That’s why for some kinds I use a specially constructed greenhouse.

The Designer lamp De Grass.The process of creating lamps

The decorative pumpkin should be dried very well. This process takes from 6 to 12 months.
Since then you can work with pumpkin. And first of all it needs to be cleaned of the insides.

As a rule, the whole process of cutting after drying takes 3 months.
So from the moment when the seed is planted to the moment when the lamp is turned on, it takes 12 to 15 months.

The process of making a lamp on video at the beginning of this page.

Designers Lamp De Grass. The pumpkin

Each lamp is a piece of life. Sometimes the idea takes months, and sometimes comes in a moment. And then a big, hard work begins. From the time of preparation of a well-dried pumpkin to processing before assembling the set-up, it can take from 3 to 6 months.

Not even one lamp can be a copy of the other. The fruits are different and the ideas are also different. I never make drawings or ideas of my admirers and clients. Turning a pumpkin fruit into a lamp is always a new idea and my hands. My husband Alexander always tries to help me. He always comes, if I need to solve some technical issues. And it helps me out.

Is it possible to buy such a lamp? Yes, you can, if you are one of those who appreciate the exclusive.
The cost of the lamp ranges from $ 900 to $ 5000.

Write me your questions and I’ll tell you what you can buy now, and what I have in mind.

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