Designer lamp De Grass from a pumpkin

“The Mystery of the Forest”

The lamp “Mysteries of the Forest” was in operation from August, 20th to November 25th, 2018. The process of creating a lamp is not an easy job.

Everything starts with the selection of the fruit. Although, first you need to grow a decorative pumpkin carefully, then dry it well.

For some types the drying time lasts up to 8 months. Others can be dried in 4 months.

You can only dry decorative (not edible) pumpkin for further work.

In my area in the open ground it is almost impossible to grow a decorative pumpkin. It will not have time to ripen until the moment of removal. And it is possible to remove it from a liana only when its cutting dries and not earlier.

Sometimes I find African, very large pumpkins. Now we grow such pumpkins in the Caucasus. And the lighter varieties are grown in our greenhouse.

Моя оранжерея

Working with a pumpkin is very laborious and can not be quick. The thread is preceded by many operations. From the process of growing and long and accurate drying, preprocessing, drawing ideas on paper, then on the fruit.

Next comes the long threading process.

Подготовка тыквы к работе

The lamp “The Mystery of the Forest”, like all my works, is unique.

It is unique in form, in processing method, the pattern. There won’t be any other copy of such a work.

I never repeat the composition. Firstly, it is not interesting to me, and secondly, it is absolutely impossible, because each fruit is unique and the composition is born from its shape.

The picture of this lamp consists of different episodes, which are woven into a single composition.

My lamps never beat bright beams in the eyes. You can safely look at them. They are not blinding. Although, create an interesting glow on the walls anyway.

The task I pursue is comfort of use and the magic of perception.

Tens of thousands (counting impossible!) of smallest holes framing larger parts create an amazing gilding effect. I always work through a magnifying glass.

Sometimes, looking at the photo, people think that I use pure gold in my work. But this is just an optical effect, which I use in my compositions. But in order for such an effect to appear, it is necessary to drill micro holes at a certain angle. If the fruit is long, it is impossible to see all the golden threads from one angle at once. But changing the angle, you can see the mysterious golden play over the entire lamp. It is fascinating!

In each composition there are elements in which there are no through holes, but part of the shell is removed until the moment when the fruit begins to glow orange.

People often ask me how I know that it is time to stop and not to remove layers further?

First, such subtle work, when you are already approaching the luminous layer, you have to do in the twilight, on the light and with a magnifying glass.

Secondly, I know the voice of a pumpkin. Each thickness of it sings always in different ways. Having heard its long sound, I work extremely carefully, removing microns. That is why the creation of such a lamp takes up to 4 months.


All lamps presented on this site have been certified in the International Unified Register of Works of Art.

A connoisseur who wants to have magic in his home should understand that such a pumpkin lamp is an object of art that must be treated very carefully.

For example, a lamp cannot be subjected to rough mechanical actions and it is absolutely unacceptable to use moisture in any form! If you wet the surface, the smallest holes will immediately close and there will be no golden glow.

Therefore, only dry and careful cleaning, better with a large and clean brush!

A little about equipping the lamp.

The stand on which the lamp “The Mystery of the Forest” stands is made of Altai Suvel. This is a very interesting part of the tree, which has great strength and unique pattern. The second,such a stand you will not find anywhere.

My husband Alexander equips the lamp, he is also engaged in the processing of suvel. Wires, soldering for the button, plug, – this is also his job. Although sometimes I get to the lathe with sandpaper to bring it to the ideal.





The lamp button is also not quite usual. The button is standardized for mounting, but hidden in the peel of a walnut and trimmed with polymer clay.

The history of the “Mysteries of the Forest” began in the late summer of 2018 and at the end of November the lamp was released!

At the moment (11/26/18) the lamp is free to order.


Height: 65 см
Maximum diameter: 22 см
LED lighting

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