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Magic Pippo toy . Detals.

Iguana Dey

Iguana Dey

Iguana Dey is very affectionate and obedient. Talisman of wisdom!
Lives under a large stone. Loves mosquitoes and midges. Dey is a wise Iguana and will always be there if you need advice. The size of the toy is 9×6 cm. In a single copy. Polymer clay Fimo.


Donkey Joni

Pippo toy. Donkey Johnny. Talisman of kindness and reliability. Charged with positive energies. Donkey Johnny is a loyal friend and assistant. The toy size is 14×4 cm. In a single copy. Polymer clay Fimo.


Toy Pippo. The magic elephant Tiva.

The magic elephant Tiva. No one will understand you better than him. Lives on Mount Monteu. Talisman of tenderness and kindness. The size of the toy is 8×5 cm. The polymer clay is Fimo.


 Pippo toy. Bark.

The magic talisman is the warrior Bark. Fierce disposition is only at first glance. Dressed in punk attributes, he is very kind. But he will never miss enemies.


Pippo toy. Gentle Terry.

Gentle Terri. Terry the Sheep is a talisman of fidelity. She came from distant fields of Anagawa. She likes fresh grass and pears. A toy in a single copy. The size of the toy is 6×4 cm.


 Pippo toy. The battle elephant Tega – amulet.

The battle elephant Tega is an amulet. Always guards your peace and prosperity. Hardy and caring. In a single copy. The size of the toy is 9×5 cm. Polymer clay Fimo.


Pippo toy. Mara

Pippo toy. Mara is a cat with blue shining eyes. She came unexpectedly from the blue lakes. She loves fish. Mascot of affection. The size of the toy is 5×3,5 cm. In a single copy. Polymer clay Fimo.


Coral elk Benedict

The bright proud moose Benedikt is a real talisman of courage and bravery. He lived in the forest and protected all forest kids. Benedict is a good moose and will always protect your child. The size of the toy is 4×8 cm.

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